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Cord + Quartz

Macrame wall hanging pdf pattern "valentine"

Macrame wall hanging pdf pattern "valentine"

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This is a detailed step by step guide on how to make this one of a kind beautiful macrame heart wall hanging.
This pattern will tell you exactly the supplies you need, the lengths of each cord, all of the guesswork is taken out while you use your talented hands to make it.

*beginner friendly!

* MY BEGINNER KNOT GUIDE INCLUDED FOR FREE! pdf download for my booklet on how to do the top 8 macrame knots included in this download.

*Measurements: 12 inches wide inches wide

--Wooden dowel 12 inches wide.
Feel free to get creative! A copper bar, a strong piece of driftwood works great too!
-153 feet (46 meters) of 4mm cotton cord. (I personally like single strand)
ANY COLOR! Remember, this is a fun pattern and you can get as creative in the colors as you want.
-Sharp scissors
-Measuring tape. To keep consistency in your cord lengths… don’t worry, I’ll tell you exactly how much cord you will need and the lengths.
-Something to hang your piece on while working. A simple and common option is a clothes rack. They are adjustable and mobile so you can easily put it away when not in use. They are inexpensive and pretty easy to find. If nothing is available, a hook attached to the wall, or even a wreath hanger attached to the back of the door are a few easy alternatives with some alterations to get your dowel to stay.

* * Please note this is the PATTERN and INSTRUCTIONS ONLY, not the actual macrame wall hanging * *

Due to the nature of this item, I do not refund for digital products, however, if an issue arises please contact me as soon as possible.


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